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Partnering with Inniti Alliance reduces your Operational Costs & Streamlines the Work Process

Inniti Alliance is known for its strength in the excellent service it offers the Insurance sector. The seamless integration of technology and skills training it imparts to the staff ensures the competitive edge that Insurance companies need to stay ahead in the market.

Knowledge of the market, and technology in terms of both hardware and software employed, provides the insurance companies with an efficient revenue cycle management process, transforming their operations and boosting an effective revenue growth. Inniti’s global presence in the Insurance sector has more than often demonstrated its commitment to implementing rigorous implementation of compliances to be met by the Insurance industry.

According to, Tom Barnard, Client Operations Director, “Inniti’s expertise in the seamless process right from the preliminary process of enrollment to its state of the art approach in implementing predictive analysis to unearthing fraudulent activities and determining futuristic trends, impacts the revenue growth and provides a comprehensive and complete solution to the Insurance sector”.

Inniti’s customized and detailed approach helps clients achieve results faster and at lower cost, making it perfect for the Insurance sector to thus focus on building their present and future strategies.

Achieving compliance along with increased revenue growth for the Insurance services helps the insurance sector in lowering investing in hardware, recurring software upgrades and investing in regular staff trainings.

Business complexity related is said to be an important driver of operating costs and given the changing rules and regulations is often seen as limiting insurers’ abilities to leverage economies of scale. This often results in higher costs in both operations and administrative areas. Back-office functions spread across geographies are often cited as a cause for drop in customer satisfaction due to not being able to consolidate or optimize the processes and workflows, which is known to be one of the major factors causing financial deterioration. Tom also stated that, “complex legacy systems can lead to increased IT expenditure and lowered productivity due to new learning of the systems and processes. And all this adds to lowered performance management when one factors in other repercussions of mismanaged workflows and processes”.

How Inniti helps Insurance Companies lower Administrative and Operation costs

Inniti Alliance has years of experience in helping the Insurance Companies deploy, execute , integrate and maintain a seamless process and an efficient workflow that optimizes the services given

Automation: Transform manual process and provides integrated communication channels to help keep Insurance customers informed and satisfied

Reduced Operating Costs: Enhanced benefit validation, streamlined enrollment services, Minimizing delays, etc all work towards reducing the backend services of insurance companies and maximizing processes to improve their workflows

Decreased Administrative costs: Timely compliance, ensuring effective risk control measures, enhanced inspection techniques, and regular audits, helps make your team concentrate on implementing effective risk management strategies integrated with our updated knowledge.

Our end-to-end solutions catering specifically to the Insurance companies leverage the best practices that provide for an effective and efficient practice management system that lowers both operational as well as administrative costs. “Our specifically tailored services for insurance companies, given the constant evolving and demanding standards required, call for an integration and host of services that ensures a seamless and integrated service,” comments Tom.

About Inniti Alliance

Inniti Alliance ’s years of services helps it tackle intricate challenges, reduce risks, and achieve high ROIs. It assists in optimizing work towards procuring better returns with the right tools and methodologies best suited for the client’s requirements reducing business cycle times and delivering with increased flexibility. Inniti helps cut processing and form management costs, optimally integrate business workflows to enhance improved productivity which in turn initiates high customer satisfaction. Our unique incorporated predictive customer service through data analysis and our own in-built solution framework helps reduce operational expenditure and enhance service performance for the Insurance Companies.