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The Healthcare optimization wave has swept pharmacies just like the other pockets. Reimbursement challenges are the perennial problem for Pharmacies too. Inniti offers assistance in retail and specialty pharmacy billing.Our best practices tackle the growing reimbursement delays and increasing reasons for denials upfront. Our experience covers all aspects of Pharmacy Billing

  • Fill & Dispense Prescription Billing
  • Over the counter branded & Non branded drug billing

Our expertise with understanding Medicare Part D helps us recover huge sums of money for our Pharmacy clients, in fact dedicated account specialists discover the utility of the act and help you stay ahead of the curve. We currently use PAARS (Pharmacy Automated Accounts receivable systems PAARS ) extensively to streamline billing needs in large pharmacies and assist them be updated with NCPDP’s (National Council for Prescription of Drugs Program) guidelines.

Our clients with claims worth millions of dollars for each patient have been advised by us to incorporate Billing practices that have achieved the turn around time of getting paid in less than 10 days, while initially the same clients were seeing payments in 40 days.

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Pharmacies have seen the value in our service; we can offer more at every step of the way!