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Digital Mailroom Services – Optimizing the flow of Information from Prints to Digital Lockers

Inniti Alliance, a trusted claims management partner has been providing digital mailroom solutions to leading insurance companies in the healthcare industry. It has been successful in offering comprehensive solutions that capture, classify and automatically process business-critical documents for insurers, helping them reduce costs and processing errors.

Not just medical practices but insurance companies are also in need of ways to become more efficient. They need effective solutions to improve communication with customers and business partners, thereby furthering their competitive advantage.

According to Tom Barnard, Client Operations Director at Inniti Alliance - “While implementing the digital mailroom services, our company will be offering support to the insurance companies. We will be developing various new product features that will help them integrate all incoming data, including faxes, letters and emails.” He also added that Inniti is excited to be working with major clients, offering them outstanding tools to meet high security requirements as far as automated data processing is concerned.

Switching from traditional mail processes to the digital mailroom has helped insurers transform the way they do business. "Our client efficiency has increased by 75% due to our Digital Mailroom services"- said Tom Barnard, Client Operations Director at Inniti Alliance.

Insurance companies across the country are recognizing the need for effective digital mailroom services as the traditional processes are inefficient and slow. By going ‘digital’, companies are saving a good amount of money, speeding up their processes and improving services. Inniti’s end-to-end digital mailroom solutions offer various benefits. From eliminating paper handling delays and paper storage costs to removing management issues, Inniti’s solutions have proven highly effective for its clients.

"Our DM solutions enable insurers to improve speed and flexibility in their security and business processes. It helps them unlock the value of their IT systems, benefiting their customers and internal processes. Being one of the sought-after providers of Digital Mailroom services, it is our aim to help some of the biggest clients in the insurance industry gain efficiencies and improve processes"-said Tom Barnard, Client Operations Director at Inniti Alliance.

How Inniti’s Digital Mailroom Service is Helping Insurers

With the help of digital mailroom services, insurance companies are reducing operational costs because it is helping them bring down the amount of paper floating in the office. They have been able to save money by outsourcing this service to Inniti rather than hiring multiple mail room clerks. Their reliance on manual processes has reduced, making it easy to process incoming documents automatically. Without having to spend on labor, insurers are making business processes more efficient.

Their customer service has improved because they have been able to prioritize and routine critical information, improving their service levels. “With our digital mailroom services, our clients get information to where it is needed faster than doing things manually. They have information and data available in minutes”- said Tom Barnard, Client Operations Director at Inniti Alliance.

As one of the leading providers of Digital Mailroom services, Inniti is committed to offering speed, cost and quality improvements in insurance claims management and more. This service is available to the client onsite as well as off-site."



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