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Inniti Alliance P&C Insurance Services: An Holistic Approach to Gain Competitive Advantage in Altering Regulatory Compliances

A perfect claims management procedure can transform your Property and Casualty insurance business by giving you the power to manage and create insights you need, to react to shifting customer preferences, new product needs and altering regulatory compliances. Inniti Alliance’s P&C insurance services empowers carriers with agility, innovation and speed to respond to new market opportunities, while lowering operating costs through an affordable and flexible policy management platform.

In the first week of March, Inniti Alliance conducted a session with industry insiders and small and medium P & C insurance players to get their views on gaining competitive advantage in the current economic scenario. Addressing the session, Inniti Alliance Client Operations Director, Lorenzo Garza was of the view that “By allowing providers to reduce integration and deployment risk through an end-to-end solution with ready to use platforms that is pre-integrated with third party providers, can very well assist P & C insurance organizations to set the standard for adaptability, accuracy, reliability and value.”

Putting some light on the use analytical tools in resolving claims regulatory compliance issues Mr. Garza further added that “A rich variety of built-in analytical tools shifts power in the hands of business managers, enabling them to capture new business opportunities, while adhering to the latest compliances and aid in making faster and better decisions, to keep fraudulent claims at bay and gain competitive advantage in a fast changing market.”

How can Inniti help insurers in Optimizing the Claims Process?

One relevant topic of discussion during the session with P &C insurers was the use of automation techniques. Explaining the benefits, Mr. Garza said, “With integrated policy management tools and the ability to automate the claims process with regulatory updates, Inniti provides insurers the most user friendly and upgraded solutions to manage your claims requirements. “

“Robust claims management and configuration capabilities enable users to respond to industry demands in the Property & Casualty markets and opportunities to gain an edge over the peers. And our powerful digital and data integration capabilities empower your ability, to meet changing customer expectations and leverage the analytic power of your data.”

Another vital point of discussion in the session was customer self-service, as retaining existing customer base has become a tough task for many insurers. Established insurance companies are already leveraging and promoting customer self-service through their effective claims processing processes. Insurers are taking advantage of smartphone apps that let customers shop for quotes, renew or upgrade policies, submit payments and initiate First Notice of Loss (FNOL) requests.

“Self-service is expected to lower insurers’ operational costs as consumers make fewer calls to agents and call centers, and customer support staffs are reduced, thus presenting small and medium sized players a first-hand customer interaction,” concluded Lorenzo Garza.

About Inniti Alliance?

Inniti Alliance has years of experience assists P&C insurers tackle intricate challenges, reduce risks, and achieve high ROIs. It assists in optimizing workflow towards procuring better returns with the right tools and methodologies best suited for the client’s requirements reducing business cycle times and delivering with increased flexibility. Inniti helps cut processing and form management costs, optimally integrate business workflows to enhance improved productivity, which in turn initiates high customer satisfaction for the Insurance Companies.



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