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Inniti Alliance Helps Insurance Companies to Boost ROI up to 20%

Inniti Alliance, a trusted claims management partner is helping insurance companies improve their core operations and boost ROI up to 20%. Inniti has been successfully offering claims adjudication services to some of the largest insurance carriers, helping them increase their efficiency and ensure significant cost savings.

According to Tom Barnard, Client Operations Director at Inniti Alliance- “With enormous changes taking place in the regulative norms, it becomes difficult for insurance companies and TPAs to manage health claims processing activities all on their own. Intervention of an expert claims management partner has become a necessity in order to reduce risks and handle claims efficiently."

Inniti Alliance has extensive understanding of the payer and provider processes. Having claim managers with an innate understanding of the prerequisites of the industry, the company has been actively providing optimum claims adjudication solutions to its clients. Their main aim has been to offer end-to-end services with quality adherence.

"Our services are 100% HIPAA compliant, enabling our clients to run their operational practices in a hassle-free manner. From performing eligibility and duplicate claims check to coding, building and diagnosis review, our experts manage the claims adjudication process efficiently” - said Tom Barnard, Client Operations Director.

Why Insurance Companies Rely on Inniti?

Inniti understands the importance of speed and efficiency for insurance companies in settling a claim. These two factors determine the reputation and image of the company in the market. Inniti ensures that a systematic and comprehensive approach is used for managing claims for its clients. The company works according to a claims management framework, supporting the entire life cycle of claims business process. From notification and registration to adjustments, payments and recovery, each step is taken care of.

Improving Productivity with Effective Claims Management

A growing number of insurance companies are benefitting from outsourcing claims adjudication services to Inniti. With a dedicated team supporting the full claims cycle, insurance companies have been able to enhance productivity and become more efficient. Companies have been able to enhance their customer care quality by providing real time updates and information on each claim, aiding effective cash flow management. With access to consolidated claims data, better management reporting and fraud detection has also become easy for payors.

Client-centric Approach towards Claims Management

With the help of an experienced team of claims managers and IT professionals, Inniti Alliance serves some of the major insurance companies across the country. The company helps payors reduce their turnaround time significantly and assists them in taking the right approach towards claims and credentialing requirements. This helps payors stay ahead in competitive practices and boost their ROI.

Claims managers or claims adjudicators at Inniti are trained on various platforms and plan designs. They not only have exceptional analytical skills and deep clinical knowledge but their understanding of the US healthcare processes and claims adjudication systems has helped Inniti deliver premium solutions. They provide a flexible solution for managing the claims process, supporting a variety of claims types in a single system, helping clients reduce operational costs, improve service levels and cut down backlogs.

About Inniti Alliance

Inniti Alliance acts as a partner for insurance and healthcare companies, offering a spectrum of services, including claims management, business intelligence and analytics and business process management. Inniti has been driving quality results for clients in the insurance and healthcare industry, helping them grow and boost their ROI.



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