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Accomplishing Goals through Automation in Auto Claims Management and FNOL Services

Assigning claims upon receiving the receipts of First Notice of Loss (FNOL) can be a tedious process. Assessing claim agent's document load, accessibility and appropriate state licensing can be monotonous and may delay the initial contact with the policyholder.

To address the issue, Inniti Alliance Inc. , Ohio based Insurance organization recently had a congregation of Auto Insurance Claims Handlers who were new to the automation element of claims processing and FNOL.  

By utilizing smart claims routing technology, the new tools streamline and mechanize claims distribution by providing insurers the capacity to rapidly dispatch claims to the best-coordinated claims resource, bypassing customary bottlenecks in that process.

Addressing the congregation, Tom Everett, Insurance Panel Expert Inniti Alliance said that "We've been developing innovative claims management and FNOL platforms that would help insurance companies to better manage their claims load…and also address the First Notice of Loss issue, with analytics as the base of that tool."

He further quipped that “Obviously, automation of the claims procedure has been implemented for years now, but only by a handful of companies. Small to medium sized insurance players are still in the initial stages of automating. Plus, with Digitization at the forefront, archiving documents has become an easy deal.”

Transforming the Auto insurance Claims Management and FNOL prerequisites

With automation already in progress, certain functions within claims still remain a labor-intensive job, particularly, the initial step in the process, of First Notice of Loss (FNOL). Lowering the reliance on call centers to execute this function requires that the car (auto), using embedded telematics, or a crashworthy aftermarket telematics device, provide immediate, accurate and reliable crash data to the claims processing system.

Putting some facts forward, Mr. Everett added that “An immediate crash report from the vehicle to a remote claims processing center is defined for the purposes to describe the event location, date, time, VIN, severity that will be delivered to both the insurer and insured within 40 seconds or less. An automatic car crash report and associated event data, or automated FNOL, in turn requires a crash-grade telematics system that integrates a robust discrimination algorithm installed on the vehicle at all times.”

In the insurance industry, we have people coming and going all the time. We don’t want to waste a lot of time on training people how to upload files, go through the workflows, and send claims to dispatch, to inspection, whatever it is we have to do to close the file out or send payouts.

The end product, a streamlined, automated, fully functional auto claims management and FNOL systems that not only help the company in-house, it is available to insurers and third party vendors as well. Automation frees up a manager’s time by tracking and dispatching new claims based on information assembled from the FNOL. Designed to match new claims to the most appropriate claims personnel, it processes multiple data sources in real-time to identify the best adjuster assignment using loss location, adjuster qualifications and availability.

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About Inniti Alliance

With a team of skilled claims adjudicators, Inniti Alliance has been able to deliver premium solutions to some of biggest names in the auto insurance industry. And besides helping insurers in streamlining their workflow via automation in claims management, Inniti aides in resolving claims related issues and managing the claims process, helping clients cut down backlogs, bottlenecks and enhance their service levels. Inniti’s offering starts with an efficient FNOL (First Notice of Loss) product.



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