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Inniti Alliance Driving Analytics in the Auto Insurance Industry

Auto Claims Management Services Leader, Inniti Alliance is providing Auto Insurers deep insights to manage and process ever increasing Auto Claims. For a long time now, auto insurance agencies have based insurance premiums on accumulated data such as age, gender, demographics and type of car. But, with emergence of Big Data and Analytics in various spheres of businesses, the auto insurance industry is one that will stand to benefit from this innovation.

Our Client Operations Director, Lorenzo Garza recently had an interaction with Small and Medium sized Auto Insurers where he distinctively elaborated on the subject of Utilization Based Insurance (UBI). He said, “UBI is the latest development aiding auto insurers towards realizing a pattern that closely aligns driving behavior with premium rates for auto insurers. Mileage and driving conduct can be captured by applications on your smart phones, also OBD devices or embedded in-car technology provided to car manufacturers. With the initial UBI programs, insurance agencies aligned with Inniti Alliance provided insurance rebates to reward great driving behavior. Presently, those rebates are consolidated with different rewards and benefits like roadside recovery and vehicle theft recovery.”

By analyzing driving behaviors through predictive modeling tools, insurance agencies will have the capacity to quickly determine the fault when the accident occurs. Insurance agencies will have the capacity to do so, by precisely understanding the movements of each car, such as hard braking and acceleration with real-time contextual information, including street conditions and the climate, and even video from on-board cameras, if available.

Garza further adds that “it goes beyond just capturing sensor data; insurers are now able to mine data to target new customers in new ways.”

Technology and Auto Claims Analytics is definitely providing a paradigm shift in the auto insurance industry. According to the top three innovation related to insurance industry, Usage Based Insurance is number three on the list of connected car applications, which has eased the workload of insurance adjusters and helped in a more factual decision making when deciding on claims payouts.

In his conclusion, Lorenzo Garza stated that “before the decade is over, about 100 million vehicles will be insured with telematics strategies, and this is where the influence of Big Data and Analytics will come into play to evaluate risks associated with claims.”

About Inniti Alliance

With a team of skilled claims adjudicators, Inniti Alliance has been able to deliver premium solutions to some of biggest names in the auto insurance industry. And besides helping insurers in streamlining their workflow via Big Data and Claims Analytics, Inniti aides in resolving claims related issues and managing the claims process, helping clients cut down backlogs, bottlenecks and enhance their service levels. Inniti’s offering starts with an efficient FNOL (First Notification of  Loss) product.



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