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Inniti’s vision in 2017 brings new thrust to Insurance Analytics

Inniti Alliance recently congregated insurance agencies across the United States to explore how Analytics can drive business development. At a gathering of insurance managers from various Insurance companies to guide the experts through the recent data and analytics trends of Insurance Analytics were discussed at length.

The advent of Big Data has become a novel dimension to the procedure of claims analytics. And if you are following the latest trends towards this development, you should have come across the terms such as,

  1. Brand Loyalty will be at peak, due to personalization in customer service
  2. Automation and AI to rival human capacities in the insurance industry
  3. Insurers who can embrace technologies to identify opportunities and create revenue and cost models will thrive
  4. Insurance companies will need to adjust by adopting a multichannel strategy to resolve claims issues
  5. Insurance Distribution shall be redefined in 2017 with integrated platforms creating greater market transparency .

Speaking at the gathering to discuss the importance of Insurance analytics, Lorenzo Garza, Operations Director at Inniti Alliance said that ”Today, the customary strategies utilized by insurance agencies are getting distinctly out of date and more precise, advanced and inventive systems are driving business needs. To provide clients an altered and information driven, risk based experience, it is important to churn out meaningful information with integrated platforms that constitute claims analytics and predictive models working in the backdrop.”

Data is a vital gold dig for insurance agencies. The historical information for insurance agencies includes enormous information sets from the claims, actuarial and underwriting lines of business. In addition, the development of mobile phones, social network and geospatial devices has expanded the quantity of information sources available to insurance agencies. And this is where our expertise of finely refining the filed claims with our analytical capacities comes to the fore.

It is essential for the insurers to settle on the most proficient method to make ideal utilization of this information, analytics and multiple variables. Using data mining techniques to resolve bottlenecks in claims management Lorenzo Garza adds that “Any Information, if left unstructured and unanswered, is of zero use to all the parties involved, which is the insurer, partnering claims management firm and the end consumer. The insights derived from analytics matter the most and with the Big Data advancements, the prospects of deriving new risk based models and systems have doubled up.”

Elaborating on the importance of analytics in the insurance industry for 2017, MV Murty, Analytics Expert at Inniti Alliance further adds that, “Predictive Analytics helps in developing connections in the midst of different elements to help insurers in estimating the risk evaluation or potential risks related with possible set of conditions, subsequently helping in a making practical business decisions for effective transition. “

Analytics in the insurance industry permits insurance agencies to distinguish new growth opportunities and helps them in answering questions like how their insurance buyers will behave with the policy coverage and where their interests lies in. This particular insurance trend will decide the future growth of insurance companies not just in 2017, but to years to come.

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Inniti Alliance with years of service helps insurance companies tackle intricate challenges, reduce risks, and achieve high ROIs. It assists in optimizing work towards procuring better returns with the right tools and methodologies best suited for the client’s requirements reducing business cycle times and delivering with increased flexibility. Inniti helps cut processing and form management costs, optimally integrate business workflows to enhance improved productivity in Claims Management, which in turn initiates high customer satisfaction.



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